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Mark Jackson New York City Fitness Trainer New Warrior Fitness

Email: markjackson@newwarriorfitness.com

Cell phone: (917) 270-7339


In-home fitness instructors are now a part of global society. Just like in ancient China.

Back then, people paid doctors while they were healthy. When they got sick, it was the doctor’s fault, and he didn’t get paid anymore. Society has finally returned to this model. Personal trainers are the new health insurance.

Gym procrastination is why people don't exercise. With an in-home trainer, you automatically bypass the need for self-motivation; the trainer brings the work-out to you.

You can work out anywhere:

Benefits of forming a good workout habit:

1) Lose 30 pounds!
2) Flexible hard-body, six-pack abdominals!
3) De-stress!
4) Sleep well
5) Stamina & high-energy
6) Longevity
7) Strong immune system
8) Look better naked
9) Self-confidence
10) Romance!
11) Joy!